Introducing The Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture, A Mechanical Take On The Smartwatch

Introducing The Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture, A Mechanical Take On The Smartwatch

Quick Take

The Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture is a totally new kind of smartwatch that combines a true mechanical movement with an full featured fitness tracker and connected watch in one cohesive package. The 42mm case contains a dial that looks very traditional at first glance and uses all analog displays for the standard timekeeping functions and the digital smart features. The movement is, quite literally, an automatic mechanical movement with a digital, battery-powered module integrated into it.

The mechanical functions of the watch are relatively simple – you have time and date displays in a pretty standard layout. The smart functions on the other hand are where things get complicated. The Hybrid Manufacture has all the usual stuff – activity tracking, sleep tracking, fitness coaching, and more – plus some watch-specific features like analytics for the mechanical movement (including rate, amplitude, beat error) and a worldtimer. These are all controlled and accessed via a dedicated iPhone app.

To start, Frederique Constant is releasing four versions of the Hybrid Manufacture, one of which is a limited edition of 888 pieces. Prices range from $3,495 to $3,795 depending on which case and dial combination you’re interested in.

Initial Thoughts

To me, watches like this are more interesting as a thought experiment than anything else. I’m glad to see someone developing technology in this direction, but it seems that the current audience for a watch like this is rather narrow. Compared to something like the Ressence Type 2 e-Crown Concept, this watch feels much more like a gadget and much less like a mechanical watch (despite the automatic movement inside). I wonder what value that automatic movement actually brings to the table anyway – if what you want is a smartwatch, my feeling is that you should just spring for a smartwatch and not worry yourself or feel guilty about the lack of a balance spring inside.


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